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Become a partner now!

We at Traxpay see banks as valuable partners and help them to strengthen their most important client relationships and to provide a great number of suppliers with additional financing solutions.

You want to offer your clients an above-average risk-free return? No problem! With Dynamic Discounting you provide your clients with access to risk-free yields of 3% to 8%.*

At the same time, you can offer your clients all advantages of Supply Chain Finance via the Traxpay Dynamic Financing Platform.

How to become a partner – Read the Traxpay Banking Partnership brochure

*The return depends on the client‘s supplier structure as well as on the design of the program.

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Kate Pohl
  • Kate Pohl
  • Head of Banking and Corporate Sales
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Your Benefits

Strengthen your
customer loyalty

Offer your clients access to innovative financing solutions, such as Dynamic Discounting, via the Traxpay platform. You expand your product portfolio and thereby deepen existing client relationships in a sustainable manner.

Improve your

Generate an attractive interest income from Supply Chain Finance projects without investing in your own, time-consuming product developments.

Expand your
client network

Our platform connects you with your and our clients as well as their suppliers. Thereby, you gain easy and uncomplicated access to new potential clients.

The Traxpay Partnership Program

Ecosystem Partners are granted preferred access as financiers to the clients on the Traxpay Financing Platform (Reverse Factoring, SPV and Factoring Programs). Our Ecosystem Partners profit from joint market evaluation and lead generation as well as exchange of experiences. Ecosystem Partners have the opportunity to offer their clients access to the Traxpay Sustainable Supply Chain Finance Program.

Together with our Go to Market Partners we master every stage of the SCF project from joint lead generation to successful closing and subsequent integration and onboarding procedures. Our Go to Market Partners profit from an innovative product portfolio and access to untapped sources of revenue and valuable data. Moreover, Our Go to Market Partners even benefit from access to leads generated through Traxpay’s own activities.

Together with our Strategic Alliance Partners we develop common strategic goals giving them the opportunity to influence the Traxpay product road map and shape the future of supply chain finance. We provide our Strategic Alliance Partners with valuable insights into the data on the Traxpay Platform through deep analytics based on joint consulting projects. Strategic Alliance Partners have the opportunity to become official partners of the Traxpay Sustainable Supply Chain Finance Program.

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