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How the platform works

How the
platform works

Easy access to platform features

Our Traxpay financing platform offers you all the usual financing solutions. You can shift swiftly and simply between financing instruments – depending on what you need at any given point in time. No matter which program you choose, whether you are using equity or selected third-party financing, the steps you take on Traxpay are always the same.


Here, a supplier describes her experience of using the platform:

Traxpay Financing platform

Step by step to success

You set your own parameters for your own individual program. In six easy steps, our integrated platform enables you to start working online.

  1. The buyer sets terms for their own working capital program. Equity vs. debt.
  2. The Traxpay platform makes invoice details available to suppliers online.
  3. 24/7 access to invoice details and status.
  4. The supplier can thus decide on his own whether to obtain early payment.
  5. After the supplier has submitted their offer, the Traxpay platform automatically updates the buyer’s ERP system.
  6. The payment is released, either by the buyer or their financing partner.

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Dynamic Discounting

Earn an attractive and risk-free return by investing excess liquidity in your supply chain.

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Supply Chain Finance

Strengthen your supply chain and your working capital with help from selected financing partners.

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The Traxpay Way

How we accompany and support our customers throughout the entire supply chain finance program.

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