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Receivables: Digital Forfaiting

digital forfaiting

Digital Forfaiting

release blocked liquidity

Digital Forfaiting allows you to generate additional liquidity quickly and conveniently. You sell your outstanding trade receivables to financing partners without recourse and receive the full agreed sales price directly. You determine the timing and the amount of liquidity generation yourself. This allows you to release additional funds that would otherwise be blocked in these receivables.

Since the sale is non-recourse, you also eliminate your customers’ payment risk. This allows you to increase the attractiveness of your products and services – and consequently your sales – without increasing payment risks and liquidity needs.

With Traxpay, you can take advantage of Digital Forfaiting efficiently, quickly and securely. Let’s talk about how your company too can benefit from Digital Forfaiting!

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What is Digital Forfaiting?

The continuous availability of sufficient liquidity is an essential prerequisite for your company’s success. Digital Forfaiting gives you the opportunity to generate additional liquidity according to your needs, without having to adjust your payment terms. The best: There is no obligation to sell, but you decide, as you are used to from Traxpay, flexibly on demand and per invoice. You receive 100% of the purchase price without a security retention. You only pay a discount that is calculated depending on the financing term.

Since the sale is non-recourse, you also eliminate your customers’ payment risk. This allows you to improve the attractiveness of your products and services: Your customers are happy to be granted longer payment terms, and you are happy to enjoy higher sales, without increasing payment risks and liquidity requirements.

Digital Forfaiting with Traxpay

This is how our financing platform can help you sell receivables without recourse:

  • Efficient, digitaland automatic process handling
  • High flexibility
  • Improvement of working capital and cash conversion cycle
  • Reduction in the utilization of current account lines
  • Reduce trade credit insurance costs because open receivables volumes are reduced
  • One platform to convert all your receivables into liquiditywith just a few clicks
  • Access to competitive and bank-independent source of financing
  • Accelerated payment of 100% of the purchase price (no security retention)


With Digital Forfaiting, we enable receivables sellers and buyers to define the terms and scope themselves. We see our role as ensuring maximum transparency and digital automation. By digitalizing the sale of receivables, the amount of the transaction is irrelevant. This means that even small invoice amounts can be used for liquidity provision, and liquidity generation can be optimized. Digital Forfaiting is not limited to sellers of receivables where ERP integration makes economic and technical sense, we also enable digital sale of receivables without ERP integration.

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