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5 Questions to Anja Odenthal

5 Questions to Anja Odenthal – Head of HR

Working only to earn money was yesterday. Today, working to find personal fulfillment is the more important goal. How would it be if you could go to work every day and feel a real sense of accomplishment? What if your job fulfilled you completely, and even made you really happy? That’s exactly what happens when you align your personal life goals the “big five” with your work, just like Anja Odenthal, Head of HR at Traxpay.

Why do you work at Traxpay?

Traxpay is innovative and forward-thinking as a platform, and it’s exciting to be part of such a project. In order for our vision to improve companies’ liquidity to be successful, we need the right people to develop our products, program them and also bring them to life through many customers. Having the employees in focus is a lot of fun for me every day!

Does your job make you really happy?

Happiness is a big word – for me, a good life-work balance is important. This may sound like a buzzword, but I’ve been able to adapt my work life – and I’m very grateful to Traxpay for this – to my private life in such a way that everything fits together well.

My passion is to be in contact with people. I enjoy accompanying an employee from the first interview through the hiring process and into the daily work routine. To see how he/she becomes part of his/her team and, if necessary, to see together with him/her what development opportunities he/she has within the company. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to support them on their Traxpay journey.

How important is diversity to you?

This topic is very close to my heart. I also hold the position of Diversity Officer at our company. We are an international team and our “official” company language is English. At Traxpay, employees from over 16 nations work together well and in a spirit of trust. Cultural differences are exciting and yet so many things connect us, not least the enthusiasm for our platform, but we also like to party! We also have a good mix of young and young-at-heart employees and also like to form joint-generation tandems here. We are very family oriented and live equality. If we find the right candidate and she happens to be pregnant, we will hire her. As a dog-friendly office, the expressly desired visits of our employees’ dogs make for an even more relaxed working atmosphere at Traxpay.

What is at the top of your agenda?

Definitely, even in Corona’s difficult times, making our employees feel that we are all one team. It’s a big challenge to maintain a sense of community out of the remote situation.

Also, the skills shortage in IT has now reached Traxpay, we are currently intensively looking for talented developers who enjoy being part of an agile team, because we want to grow again next year to be able to bring all our new product ideas to the market.

What would you do differently in your professional life today?

Oh, I’m a jack of all trades, I love to always try something new, to push myself to the limits sometimes and to overcome them. As a singer I have achieved everything I wanted to achieve, that was quite a while ago now, but I am proud and grateful for everything I have been able to experience to date.

Any questions?

Portrait Claus-Mário Büschelberger | Traxpay
  • Claus-Mário Büschelberger
  • Senior Director – Corporate Clients EMEA
  • +49 69 597 72 15 39
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