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5 Questions to Ulli Armbrust

5 questions to Ulli Armbrust

Why do you work at Traxpay?

Because I feel at home in fintech and Traxpay is a great fintech. And because Traxpay as a technology company in the financial sector has developed a very innovative solution that offers benefits for all parties. I particularly value our products, the various forms of financing for companies and their suppliers. Many SMEs would not get such a fair and transparent possibility to finance themselves, to secure liquidity and to maintain their business without our supply chain finance program. In addition, Traxpay has a good mix of experience & strong partners in combination with the right technology for the corresponding product solutions. 

Does the job make you really happy?

Yes, because we have very good cooperation within and between the teams, and Traxpay as an employer allows a lot of freedom. For one thing, in the way we organize our day-to-day work, and also in the opportunities we have to develop ourselves professionally and methodically. I also like being given so much responsibility, growing with my task and learning something new every day. You are very close to the customers, the partner banks and all other departments and you communicate at eye level. I like that. I can go along to the events I plan and gain a lot of new experience. In this way, I experience first-hand the practice that I planned in theory. In addition, it’s nice to do good in many ways. On the one hand, for the environment – through our sustainability feature. On the other hand, for the companies & suppliers – in terms of strengthening the resilience of the entire supply chain.

Tell me more about the trends you see in marketing?

We are “on the way to new marketing excellence” in marketing. In marketing innovation & quality. The best way to score points is with interesting content and exciting articles that really capture the interest of the target group and beyond.

Especially for search engine optimization, lots of content with the right keywords is extremely important. I see another trend to accompany the customer holistically. Marketing does not stop after the acquisition of a new customer. We accompany the customer through their entire journey: from lead generation to supplier onboarding and quarterly campaigns – activating suppliers and promoting supplier engagement with the platform. In addition, brands are becoming media: keyword Brand2Media. We have just launched Traxpay TV and are also following the video and moving image trend here. In event marketing, I see strong panels and hybrid formats. Marketing has to be simple and entertaining. Keep it simple and entertaining! And please don’t forget the call-to-action! In the same way that we accompany customers in Working Capital 360°, we also accompany customers now and in the future with content formats in marketing, and we are always on the lookout for exciting content in the company that can be exploited cross-media.

What is at the top of your agenda?

To establish the Traxpay brand as a reliable, trustworthy and professional partner, not only nationally but also internationally.

Not only to make Traxpay known as a brand, but also the products and the associated solutions. To attract and retain customers with once-in-a-lifetime experiences in the event sector and great campaigns. Permanent website optimization and engaging 360° content production including moving images and social media. Paying particular attention in customer case studies that the customer is always the focus at Traxpay.

What would you do differently in your professional life today?

My first and spontaneous answer here is: NOTHING. You have to be careful in the future not to miss a trend and not to learn a skill that you don’t consider relevant now, but that you will need later. In marketing, you always have to be on the ball. Marketing is changing so fast, you can’t miss the switch. There are already lots of marketing apps with artificial intelligence and many new digital tools that you can and must try out – according to the trial and error principle.

Any questions?

Portrait Claus-Mário Büschelberger | Traxpay
  • Claus-Mário Büschelberger
  • Senior Director – Corporate Clients EMEA
  • +49 69 597 72 15 39
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