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5 questions to Jan Osenegg

5 questions to Jan Osenegg
Jan Osenegg, Head of Finance at Traxpay

Working only to earn money was yesterday. Today, working to find personal fulfillment is the more important goal. How would it be if you could go to work every day and feel a real sense of accomplishment? What if your job fulfilled you completely, and even made you really happy? That’s exactly what happens when you align your personal life goals the “big five” with your work, just like Jan Osenegg, Head of Finance at Traxpay.

Why do you work at Traxpay?

Traxpay stands for a number of attributes that are important to me: modern & state-of-the-art, flexible – new German agile. At Traxpay, we enable companies to set sustainability impulses from within the financial sector – I like that. In this respect, Traxpay offers me the opportunity to work in a very interest- and value-oriented way. Through the sustainability programs we set up in Supply Chain Finance, we have the opportunity to be more credible. Being able to give sustainability as a tool to financiers is something I like.

Does the job make you really happy?

Working at Traxpay gives me the opportunity to contribute with all my commitment, experience and opinions. That is job satisfaction for me. At the same time, I can play a significant role in shaping the company’s fortunes – that gives me pleasure. At the same time, it’s nice to be part of a dedicated team with whom you can work hard together, rub shoulders at times, and ultimately achieve successes and celebrate them as a team.

What is at the top of your agenda?

First on the agenda is always my wife/family. After that comes Traxpay. There, I want to shape growth and set sales impulses – the finance area has to keep up with the company’s growth and help shape it. That includes professional cost management: keeping cost structures in view and under control. As well as the efficient accounting of an ever broadening product portfolio and the areas of controlling and reporting in a growth company like ours always keeping up with the growth. Together with our banking partners, we want to make the advantages of an independent platform clear to our corporate customers, show them our flexibility and convince them with our application possibilities.

You come from the “big” banking world and are now with the “small” FinTech. Is it difficult to convince the big “tankers” to cooperate with the “speedboat”?

Understanding and experience from the banking world help to convince them. This starts with the right language and the “smell” to be taken seriously by the banking partners. It is often also a little patience – coupled with perseverance – that is necessary to be successful. It is also important to understand the decision-making processes and “politics” in order to inspire the acting persons on the bank side for us and our products.

What would you do differently in your professional life today?

Show more composure and be more edgy… I would approach things with a little more coolness. You should care, of course you should show full commitment, but not wear yourself out too much. You should keep your rough edges. You have to stand for a profile. You can have different opinions and discuss them. I like people with rough edges and a heart. Traxpayans, in other words.

Any questions?

Portrait Birgit Hass | Traxpay
  • Birgit Hass
  • Head of Marketing and Communications
  • +49 69 597 72 15 34
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