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Our platform offers you all common supply chain financing instruments and lets you optimize your global financing of goods and services. The Traxpay platform connects you with your suppliers and financing partners — simply, quickly, and securely.

How the platform works

Our Traxpay financing platform offers you all the usual financing solutions. You can shift swiftly and simply between financing instruments – depending on what you need at any given point in time.

Digital Guarantees

To reduce payment risks, suppliers often secure their receivables with credit insurance. This can be expensive or may only be available to a limited extent.

Dynamic Discounting

Earn an attractive and risk-free return by investing excess liquidity in your supply chain.

With Dynamic Discounting, your suppliers have the option to decide which invoices they accelerate, and when. The earlier payment is requested, the higher the discount. Your suppliers benefit from immediate access to the liquidity they require, at reduced financing costs.

Dynamic Discounting

Reverse Factoring

Strengthen your supply chain and your working capital with help from selected financing partners.

Reverse Factoring enables you to free up working capital for you and your suppliers. With the help of selected financing partners, you offer your suppliers the flexibility of early payment and thus access to the required liquidity at favourable rates.

Digital Forfaiting

Digital Forfaiting allows you to generate additional liquidity quickly and conveniently. You sell your outstanding trade receivables to financing partners without recourse and receive the full agreed sales price directly. You determine the timing and the amount of liquidity generation yourself. This allows you to release additional funds that would otherwise be blocked in these receivables.

digital forfaiting

The Traxpay Way

In six steps to successful platform business – how we accompany and support our customers throughout the entire Supply Chain Finance Program.

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