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Digital Receivables Sales

digital forfaiting



With digital accounts receivable sales, suppliers can quickly and conveniently generate additional liquidity without having to adjust the original payment terms. Suppliers sell their outstanding trade receivables to financing partners and receive 100% of the agreed sales price without security retention. They only pay a discount that is calculated depending on the financing term and the underlying payment risk. The best thing is: There is no obligation to sell.

In addition, since the sale is usually non-recourse, the buyer’s payment risk is eliminated. This allows suppliers to increase the attractiveness of their products and services and consequently their sales without increasing payment risks and liquidity requirements.

With Traxpay, suppliers can take advantage of the digital sale of receivables efficiently, quickly and securely. The Traxpay SCF 2.0 solution is the innovative and leading platform that offers working capital optimization through receivables and trade payables in parallel, digitally, so that you as a company can optimise your conditions perfectly, seamlessly and digitally.

Digital Receivables Sales with Traxpay

This is how our Dynamic Financing Platform© helps with the digital sale of receivables

  • Efficient, digital and independent process handling on one platform only; no need to operate with n different platforms
  • Flexible use of one or more receivable purchase agreements
  • Improvements to Working Capital and the Cash Conversion Cycle
  • Opportunity to limit the utilisation of overdraft facilities
  • Reduced use of account credit lines
  • Reduction of the receivables portfolio and thus payment risk; this allows the costs for trade credit insurance to be reduced
  • Digital Negotiable Instruments (Digital Bills of Exchange) can be used to offer longer payment terms without the necessity to amend supply contracts


Calculate the specific improvement potential for your company right here. Simple, fast and no obligation. You only need a few figures from your financial report. Your data is not stored by Traxpay and is subject to the German General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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