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Working Capital Optimization Calculator

Working Capital Optimization Calculator

Manage your working capital more efficiently


By using one or more supply chain finance instruments, Traxpay helps companies optimize key metrics for working capital. Calculate the specific improvement potential for your company right here. Simple, fast and no obligation. You only need a few figures from your financial report. Your data is not stored by Traxpay and is subject to the German General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Working Capital Optimization Calculator

Data entry
Enter these annual figures from your balance sheet and income statement. No need to specify currency
Cash Conversion Cycle Score
Here is your current Cash Conversion Cycle score
Revise parameters
Enter a revised value for Days Payable Outstanding based on anticipated use of PMF.
It may be useful to check the best performance ahieved by your sector peers. PWC has published a usefuls study on this topic which you can download here. (See figure 7 on page 15) You may of course aim even higher.
If you are interested in our Receivables solutions, you may also wish to specify a reduced DSO figure
You also have the opportunity to adjust DIO to see the resulting impact
Liquidity Effect
We can now calculate the liquidity effect for tied-up working capital
Savings through the Liquidity Effect
If you are able to provide your Weighted Average Cost of Capital we can determine the saving realised through the liquidity effect


Instruments for improving these parameters should accompany companies along the entire value chain. This is because only the combination of as many tools as possible ensures efficient 360° working capital management from risk management to liquidity provision for all those involved in value chain, regardless of company size, currency and liquidity situation.


Digital Receivables Sales

Additional liquidity through the sale of receivables.

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Post Maturity Financing

Pay suppliers on time whilst extending payment terms, improving working capital efficiency.

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Dynamic Supplier Financing

Use own- or third-party funds to obtain discounts by paying suppliers early.

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