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Sustainability criteria are becoming increasingly important. The ESG rating and other sustainability assessments of a company depend to a large extent on the sustainability of its supply chain. With the Traxpay Dynamic Financing Platform©, companies and banks have the opportunity to grant special conditions to suppliers that are particularly sustainable. Our Sustainable Supply Chain Finance Program offers companies the framework to incentivize their suppliers’ sustainable commitment.

ADVA & Traxpay start sustainable SCF program

Supply chain finance platform Traxpay (Traxpay GmbH) and ADVA (ADVA Optical Networking SE), a multinational telecommunications equipment provider, have expanded their collaboration with new tools for sustainable supply chain financing.

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Liquidity in times of corona crisis and sustainability in supply chains

With Sustainable Supply Chain Finance (SSCF), companies can grant preferential terms to suppliers who meet environmental and social standards. In doing so, they not only ensure the stability of their supply chain, but also improve their own environmental and social balance sheet.

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Traxpay promotes sustainability in supply chain

The supply chain is one area through which companies can improve their sustainability performance. The Traxpay supply chain platform offers integration of ESG factors. Source: Der Treasurer

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Advantages of a sustainable supply chain

Source: EcoVadis & Accenture. Sustainable Procurement Barometer 2024

Risk mitigation

Suppliers with a sustainable business model and thus, lower reputational risks exhibit a lower risk of failure. Hence, your risk of supply chain disruption is lower.


Integrating sustainibility into your SCF program allows you to meet increasingly demanding existing and future sustainability laws and regulations more easily.

Stronger supplier relationships

Incentivizing your suppliers become more sustainable will lead to stronger, more reliable and long-lasting business relationships.

Cost savings

Studies find thar sustainable supply chains can effectively reduce costs*:

– 9-16% lower supply chain costs

– 10-25% lower material costs

– 5-15% lower manufacturing costs

Improved reputation

Sustainability represents a strong reputation and marketing tool able to meet increasingly demanding customer expectations regulations more easily.


Focusing on becoming more sustainable fosters innvation and can enable you to capture price premiums from differentiation (revenue uplift of 5-20% for more sustainable products)

*Source: World Economic Forum. Beyond supply chains

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