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Digital Dump Podcast #31 mit Thomas Haida

Artificial Intelligence meets Metaverse/ AI Take II

Digital Dump Podcast #31 with Thomas Haida

Thomas Haida was this weeks guest on the „Digital Dump“ podcast series. The current episode is about Artificial Intelligence… Take II. Thomas Haida, Customer Happiness Officer at Microsoft GmbH was talking to Kate Pohl, Head of Banking & Partner Strategy and Execution at Traxpay GmbH and Steven Batiste, CTO of TIS, from the „Digital Dump“ Podcast series.

Every Friday, Steven Batiste’s and Kate Pohl’s “Digital Dump” podcast is all about the world of technology. Their goal is to demystify the magic word “TECH” and make the complex transparent and easy to understand – not only for experts, but for everyone.

In the current episode, the focus is on „AI Meets the Metaverse”. Artificial Intelligence will have a central role in our world going forward and both Thomas and Steven categorize it as “the glue that will be needed to hold everything together!” (But, are we really going to replace humans with Avatars?) Thomas feels that the perfection of voice recording will be duplicated by human images in the not-so-distant future. Is this an example of the Uncanny Valley? Will AI use cases challenge and easily pass the Turing test? Has Star Trek become reality in the 21 Century? You can find out by listening to “Digital Dump”. It’s definitely worth tuning in!

You can find “Digital Dump” on:

or Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Pocket Casts, Overcast, Breaker, Radio Public, Anchor FM and Reason FM.

The Hosts:

  • Kate Pohl, Digital Dump presenter, Head of Banking & Partner Strategy and Excecution, Traxpay
  • Steven Batiste, Digital Dump presenter, CTO, TIS

The Interviewee:

  • Thomas Haida, Customer Happiness Officer, Microsoft

More Information on:

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