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GROW B2B FASTER Podcast with Traxpay CEO Markus Rupprecht

Grow B2B Faster mit Markus Rupprecht

Markus Rupprecht is a guest on the podcast “GROW B2B FASTER”. The current episode is about Markus Rupprecht, CEO & Founder of the supply chain finance provider Traxpay. In the interview, host Sammy Gebele, CEO of SAWOO, reveals how Traxpay approaches marketing and sales, incentivizes employees and which marketing and sales measures ultimately convince the Big Whale clients.

Every week, Sammy Gebele’s “GROW B2B FASTER Podcast” it´s all about B2B marketing & sales strategies, hacks & tools. In Sammy´s interview are top CEOs, sales and marketing managers and he asks them about their recipes for marketing and sales success.

In the latest podcast episode, Markus Rupprecht, CEO of Traxpay is in the spotlight. The Fintech Founder talks about what Traxpay does, who Traxpay customers are and how Sales & Marketing wins them.

Also discussed will be what makes good sales people and how incentivizing marketing and sales people as well as tech employees with variable salary components can work.

Read more about how direct sales, partner marketing and events contribute to Traxpay’s success and what role social media plays in the marketing mix at GROW B2B FASTER.

The Host:

  • Sammy Gebele, CEO, Co-Founder of SAWOO


  • Markus Rupprecht, CEO & Founder, Traxpay

Links to the episode:
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