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  • Markus Wohlgeschaffen joins the “Geschäftsführung“ as Managing Director
  • Successful turnaround and start-up phase completed
  • A large number of important customers acquired
  • Deutsche Bank brought on board as shareholder

The Frankfurt-based fintech, Traxpay, a leading platform provider for supply chain finance, is changing course on the senior management front to support further and future growth. Founder, and for several years, CEO, Markus Rupprecht, will give up his operational responsibilities as of the end of August 2022.  He will accompany Traxpay strategically in the future as an Advisory Board member and shareholder.

Rupprecht returned to Traxpay at the end of 2016, transforming the fintech from a payment’s provider to a supply chain financing platform relying on close cooperation with banking partners. “The turnaround is definitely complete,” Rupprecht says. “We have acquired numerous well-known customers for our platform and are cooperating with a large number of banks.” Rupprecht’s crowning achievement came two years ago when Deutsche Bank joined Traxpay as a shareholder.

“Today, Traxpay is no longer a startup, but a well-positioned growth company. After the founding spirit of the early years, Traxpay now needs a senior team with extensive corporate management experience,” says Rupprecht. The new Managing Director, Markus Wohlgeschaffen, was brought to Traxpay by Rupprecht eighteen months ago. Wohlgeschaffen is a highly regarded trade product expert, with extensive management experience as Global Head of Trade Products at UniCredit. “Leveraging Traxpay’s extensive growth potential, together with my colleagues in the management team, is a very attractive proposition,” says Wohlgeschaffen.

“We would like to thank Markus Rupprecht for his outstanding work over the past few years,” says Stefan Franger, Chairman of the Advisory Board and one of Traxpay’s main shareholders. “Without his entrepreneurial expertise and achievements, Traxpay would not be a company with such a bright future.” Rupprecht will be available to Traxpay until the end of 2022, also in regard to an upcoming capital increase. His focus will continue to be on the growth segment of supply chain finance. “I look forward to supporting Traxpay’s success story in a different role.”

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