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Traxpay invites to the Corporate Account Manager Forum

The results of the FINANCE Think Tank’s “Survey Corporate Customer Relationship Managers” will be presented and current market developments discussed at the “Forum Corporate Customer Relationship Managers” event. Traxpay is co-organizer of the forum and CEO Markus Rupprecht will talk about the topic “Cooperation of banks and fintechs in corporate banking – a field report”.

The last two years have not been easy for corporate account managers either. Keeping customers digitally without personal customer contact and driving processes digitally within their own organization was also largely uncharted territory for corporate account managers. One quickly got used to this and little by little everyday life returned. Due to supply bottlenecks, liquidity concerns and raw material shortages, the supply chain issue still finds itself at the top of many companies’ agendas, even in the current phase of the pandemic. Supply chain finance is thus on everyone’s lips, and it has now become clear that this growth market belongs to the platforms. Cooperations between banks and fintechs are beneficial for all parties involved. If the financing of supply chains is designed transparently and flexibly, it is possible to exploit the full potential with all the benefits for customers, suppliers and financing partners.

The megatrend of sustainability has now also fully taken hold of the financial sector. Institutional investors and also banks are focusing on sustainable financing models and trying to play the ESG card in all areas. The financing markets also recovered quickly after the crisis and conditions are back to pre-crisis levels. Individual sectors such as retail, textiles and automotive are exempt.

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The event is exclusively for corporate account managers! If you are a corporate account manager and we have piqued your interest, please register here:

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About the Survey and the Corporate Relationship Managers Forum (FINANCE Think Tank)

Corporate relationship managers are the interface in corporate banking. For their banks, they are the ear to the market: they are in constant contact with their customers and know their needs and moods. They are very well networked within their organization because all products and services pass across their desk. For customers, they are the bank’s gateway, intermediary and mouthpiece. In short, corporate relationship managers are the ideal contact for detecting market moods and trends in corporate banking.
In the “Survey Corporate Customer Relationship Managers”, the FINANCE think tank collects market developments, opinions and perspectives. From this, the team of journalists around Bastian Frien creates a current snapshot of the corporate banking business twice a year. The results are shared with the community and discussed together with other exciting topics in the accompanying event series “Forum Corporate Customer Advisors”.

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