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Traxpay presents the shortlist of the year 2022

Treasury of the year 2022, the shortlist

Traxpay presents the shortlist of the year 2022

The race for the title of “Treasury of the Year” enters the final round

Traxpay presents “Treasury of the Year” at this year’s Structured FINANCE . The award, which is presented annually by the editorial team of “DerTreasurer”, is intended to help give the treasury department the recognition it deserves. The shortlist of the best projects has now been determined: Hugo Boss, Mercedes-Benz, Siemens Healthineers and Vonovia. The jury is made up of well-known corporate treasurers.

This is the thirteenth time that the “Treasury of the Year” has been chosen. Which treasury department has come up with a particularly innovative project? Which treasury has created recognizable added value for its company? The four shortlisted candidates will present their projects in a roundtable discussion. The winner will be announced a few hours later at the gala evening.

Session 4, 23.11.2022, 13.05-13.50 o´ clock

Treasury of the year 2022:

Participants: The four shortlisted candidates present their projects

René Heinz, Head of Treasury, Hugo Boss

Steffen Hoffmann, Head of Investor Relations and Treasury, Mercedes-Benz

Brigitta Kocherhans, Head of Treasury, Siemens Healthineers

Olaf Weber, Head of Finance and Treasury, Vonovia

Host: Dr. Sven Weissmann, CSO Traxpay

More Infos under Treasury des Jahres 2022 – die Shortlist.

„Treasury of the year Award“ As part of the evening gala

Champagne Reception, 23.11.2022, 19.00 o´clock

Evening Gala, 23.11.2022, 19.45 o´clock


Antonia Kögler, Chefin vom Dienst at DerTreasurer/ journalist at FINANCE



Stephan Albers (Zalando), Andrej Ankerst (BNP Paribas Deutschland), Birka Benecke (BASF), Rando Bruns (Merck), Sigurd Dahrendorf (ehemals Knorr-Bremse), Klaus Gerdes (Grünenthal), Michael Hannig (Voith Finance), Boris Jendruschewitz (Venus), Christoph Koch (Hüttenes-Albertus), Markus Massouh (Audi), Michael Mattig (Nordex), Michael Schütt (Fraport), Klaus Wirbel (Rewe Group) und Axel Zwanzig (Marquard & Bahls).


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23.-24. November 2022

About Structured FINANCE

The congress fair for corporate finance is the leading event for modern corporate finance. Under the motto “Secure financing in stormy times”, we are entering the 18th round of Structured FINANCE. The focus of Structured FINANCE is the exchange among finance managers.

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