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5 questions to Markus Wohlgeschaffen

Working only to earn money was yesterday. Today, working to find personal fulfillment is the more important goal. How would it be if you could go to work every day and feel a real sense of accomplishment? What if your job fulfilled you completely, and even made you really happy? That’s exactly what happens when you align your personal life goals the “big five” with your work, just like Markus Wohlgeschaffen, Head of Product at FinTech Traxpay.

Why do you work at Traxpay?

I have worked in banking and supply chain finance for 35 years of my life, so I bring a lot of know-how and just the right experience. In my career, I have chaired the Global Trade Industry Council of the Bankers Association for Finance and Trade, been a member of the ICC Banking Commission Advisory Board, or served on the Board of Trustees of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics, among others. I like our Traxpay path and I can easily follow it. The mission to create the most value for all parties involved in the (global) value creation process: Companies, banks and other financial partners, I can now shape very well as a solution-oriented person and as Head of Product of Traxpay and build the right products for it with my team.

Does the job make you really happy?

I am part of an innovative and highly motivated team. I like that. I’m a passionate person who likes to create and shape new paths. To do that, I need a good team that goes along with me and the necessary freedom. I find both at Traxpay. With my experience and product knowledge, we will offer a holistic and sustainable spectrum of supply chain finance solutions in the market that is unique.

What is at the top of your agenda?

I want the world to be a better place, and I want to do my part. I want people to remember me fondly later. If everyone who comes into the world makes it a little better and does their part, the world can only get better. #bettertogether

I want to be a good father who gives his son a sustainable foundation for life and I want to always be there for him. I want to be a good husband to my wife.

I want to travel some more countries (Tierra del Fuego, Himalayas, Latin America, etc.) and do charity work. Maybe later I will work for an NGO again.

Later, I can also well imagine to establish a joint-generation living concept: gladly also with a self-catering approach – perhaps in the context of a farm.

What would you do differently in your professional life today?

You have to have the courage to change things that you can change and the composure to endure things that can no longer be changed, and the wisdom to distinguish between the two. So I look back on my professional life with satisfaction and today I try to give more priority to what is important to me in my private life: my values and my family and my desire to improve the world.

Any questions?

Portrait Birgit Hass | Traxpay
  • Birgit Hass
  • Head of Marketing and Communications
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