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5 Questions to Connie Ling

5 Fragen an Connie Ling

Working only to earn money was yesterday. Today a job must make you happy too. When you align your personal life goals and the “big 5” with your work, just like Connie Ling, Working Student, both earning money and being happy can be achieved.   

Why do you work at Traxpay?

I learned that Traxpay was looking for a Chinese speaking employee for the onboarding department to take care of their Chinese speaking customers. I was always interested to know more about the FinTech industry and B2B businesses so I applied for the position. During the interview, I was very impressed by the development of the company and the startup atmosphere in the office. So I said Yes!

Does your job make you really happy?

One of my main goals in my job is to challenge and improve myself. It brings me joy when I realize that I can step out of my comfort zone and achieve goals that may have seemed impossible. I am able to improve my negotiation and people skills and get better every day with my job which make me really happy. At the same time, my teammates are always helpful. They all have rich experience in customer support and I can always rely on their expertise. We motivate each other to maximize our potential and I really enjoy working in such a supportive environment.     

How important is customer support for you?

Customer Support is one of the fundamental branches in the company as it represents the company and safeguards company reputation by having satisfied customers. I always try to go the extra mile to assist our platform users and ensure that they understand how to use the platform to their best benefits.

What is at the top of your agenda?

Satisfaction of our customers and provision of speedy support whenever it is required. My goal is to take good care of them throughout the whole journey so that they have the best experience with us.

What would you do differently in your professional life today?

I am still at the beginning of my professional career and I am happy with all the decisions I made so far. I wouldn’t do anything differently.

My goals during my studies here in Germany are to explore different industries and gain more experiences in different departments of a company to discover which field I am the most interested in. Therefore, I am really grateful to be given this opportunity at Traxpay to broaden my horizons by observing the operations of the company in a new perspective.

Any questions?

Portrait Sibel Kücükcolak | Traxpay
  • Sibel Kücükcolak
  • Sales Executive
  • +49 69 597 721 535
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