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5 Questions to Monica Saini

5 Questions to Monica Saini


Working only to earn money was yesterday. Today a job must make you happy too. When you align your personal life goals and the “big 5” with your work, just like Monica Saini, Senior Software Tester, both earning money and being happy can be achieved.   

Why do you work at Traxpay?

After my job at a financial consultancy company I wanted to stay in the Finance domain and since I always wanted to work for a Startup, a Fintech startup was a perfect match. Besides we have a very international crowd in the company which makes me very happy. I am working together with teammates out of 15 nationalities. It´s like “Benetton” here.

Does your job make you happy?

The job makes me happy, because I enjoy testing new products/features. With multiple products in Traxpay we always have something new to look forward to, which is challenging and interesting at the same time. We test the products as per requirements, additionally suggest improvements, to make product user friendly and efficient. The cherry on the cake is that, that I get to work with wonderful team, that includes talented, open and flexible colleagues. All of us collaborate to work towards the common goal of providing best product, to the customer Last but not least I can balance work with my personal life.

Can you explain how testers work?

We test different products as per better requirements and come up with bugs and improvements.

We have some features in the product where we think that we have to work upon. Testing makes the product better.

What is at the top of your agenda?

For each of the new release, I want to make sure that the product is user friendly, serves the purpose and is bug free 😊

How do you balance your work life in Traxpay with your personal life? What are your dreams?

I enjoy working as a Tester. I love it to live in Germany even if I miss my family in India as you can imagine. So I think my life path has been good as it was so far. But I still have a lot of dreams I want to fulfill. I would love to see the Niagara falls and I would like to go to New Zealand and settle there. Privately I love gardening, but that doesn´t mean that I would have wanted to become a gardener. A little garden instead of my balcony would be perfect already.

More information:

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Any questions?

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  • Sibel Kücükcolak
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