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Award Presentation Treasurer of the Year 2023 at the 19th Structured FINANCE

Markus Wohlgeschaffen presents the Treasury of the Year Award to Dirk Schreiber from BioNTech SE.

As in previous years, we had the great pleasure and honour of presenting the Treasury of the Year 2023 Award at SF2023. Since the applicants were so great, we are glad that we did not have to make the selection, but that our managing director Markus Wohlgeschaffen was allowed to convey the decision. We congratulate the BioNTech SE team, represented by Dirk Schreiber, Vice President Treasury, for the Treasury of the Year 2023 award!

Workshop with ABOUT YOU SE SCF 2.0: simultaneous optimisation of working capital and EBITDA.

We would like to thank ABOUT YOU SE Head of Treasury Stephan Albers, CVA, MBA for his very insightful presentation on “SCF 2.0: Simultaneous Optimisation of Working Capital and EBITDA” in front of over 100 workshop participants on the second day of SF2023.

We would also like to thank Thilo Kampffmeyer for his sovereign moderation and perfect naming of the digitisation of trade bills as a centuries-old, proven payment instrument for supply chain finance.

As in the DerTreasurer webinar in April this year, more than 50% of the participants who answered no to the question whether they would be willing to use a bill of exchange were willing to use the digital bill of exchange at the end of the workshop. An impressive and motivating result!

Images courtesy of F.A.Z. BUSINESS MEDIA GmbH

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