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Digital Dump Podcast #36 with Dr. Sebastian Schäfer

With Dr. Sebastian Schäfer

About the hot topics #TechQuartier #Blockchain #AI #Data!

Dr. Sebastian Schäfer was this week’s guest on the „Digital Dump“ podcast. The current episode is about how he founded the TechQuartier, its development and the technologies of the future. The MD and Co-Founder of TQ was talking to Kate Pohl, Head of Banking & Partner Strategy and Execution at Traxpay GmbH and Steven Batiste, CTO of TIS.
Steven Batiste and Kate Pohl had an interesting and lively conversation with Sebastian Schaefer! When asked why the TechQuartier had been located in Frankfurt, Sebastian explained that the city has so much to offer; it is a vibrant and truly international city! The pandemic was a turning point for the TQ as they were forced to add activities while translating physical programs into digital offerings. However, the TQ was always open during the last 2 years and really provided a safe haven for its members. Sebastian feels strongly that tech should serve society and not the other way around. What technologies does he feel will gain in importance over the next 3 years? Is data really the key? Are Sebastian and his colleagues satisfied with the results of the last few years? Tune in and find out! #tech #artificialintelligence #blockchain

Tune in and find out!

You can find “Digital Dump” on:

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The Hosts:

  • Kate Pohl, Moderator Digital Dump, Head of Banking & Partner Strategy and Excecution, Traxpay GmbH
  • Steven Batiste, Moderator Digital Dump, CTO, TIS

The Interviewee:

  • Dr. Sebastian Schäfer, MD and Co-Founder, TechQuartier

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