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Digital Dump Podcast #41 with Ulf Henning Jacobs

Podcast-Tipp Digital Dump mit Ulf Henning Jacobs

About the hot topics #AI #Blockchain #AutonomousSystems

Ulf Henning Jacobswas a guest on the “Digital Dump” podcast. This episode dealt with quantum computing, autonomous systems and artificial intelligence. Ulf explained how important data is for artificial intelligence and when quantum computing becomes mainsteam, how risky it could become for  blockchain and bitcoins. On top of this he talks about autonomous systems such as category 3 cars. Ulf Henning Jacobs, Partner at d-fine, is talking to Kate Pohl, Head of Banking & Corporate Sales at Traxpay, and Steven Batiste, CTO of TIS.

Steven Batiste and Kate Pohl had the pleasure of interviewing Ulf Henning Jacobs this week. Ulf talked about #technology, explaining that change and development are key, but the “benefits” are in the eye of the beholder. When asked about key technologies going forward, Ulf focused on #quantumcomputing (when QC becomes mainstream #blockchains and #bitcoins may no longer be safe!) and #autonomoussystems#AI won’t change everything, says Ulf, but it is an important additional tool. What are the key use cases for AI? Is collaboration possible between #banks and #fintechs? Has our guest ordered a category 3 car so he can eat, drink and read the paper while driving on the Autobahn?

Tune in and find out the answers to these questions and so much more!

You can find this “Digital Dump” Podcast on:

as well as on Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Pocket Casts, Overcast, Breaker, Radio Public, Anchor FM and Reason FM.

The Hosts:

  • Kate Pohl, Moderator Digital Dump, Head of Banking & Corporate Sales, Traxpay
  • Steven Batiste, Moderator Digital Dump, CTO, TIS

The Interviewee:

  • Ulf Henning Jacobs, Partner, d-fine

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