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Digital Dump Podcast #44 with Jürgen Schmitt

Digital Dump Podcast mit Jürgen Schmitt

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Jürgen Schmitt was this weeks guest on the „Digital Dump“ podcast series. The current episode from 16.09.2022 is about Jürgen Schmitt and his expedition finance at Deutsche Bank. He was talking to Kate Pohl, Head of Sales and Partner Management at Traxpay GmbH and Steven Batiste, AdTech at Meta, from the „Digital Dump“ Podcast series.

Steven Batiste’s and Kate Pohl’s “Digital Dump” podcast is all about the world of finance and technology. Their goal is to demystify the magic word “TECH” and make the complex transparent and easy to understand – not only for experts, but for everyone. Also key is to speak to the people that make it happen!

Steven and Kate were excited to speak with Jürgen Schmitt, Expedition Finance, Deutsche Bank.

Jürgen’s background is trading, but when that door closed a whole new world opened!

Jürgen admitted to us that he unfortunately does not have a Crystal Ball but tries to choose forward-looking themes that are of interest to his audience. The presentation of his film clips are on social media, especially favoring LinkedIn. Presenting the Megatrends throughout the bank takes quite a lot of research and preparation but it is worth it.

How does Jürgen see artificial intelligence supporting the financial industry? What role will the Metaverse play? AND what advise does this wise, bearded man give to beginners in the financial services industry?

Tune in and find out the answers to these questions and so much more.

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The Hosts:

  • Kate Pohl, Digital Dump presenter, Head of Banking and Corporate Sales, Traxpay
  • Steven Batiste, Digital Dump presenter, part of Meta’s Software Engineering Leadership

The Interviewe:

  • Jürgen Schmitt, Discoverer, Corporate Content Creator Deutsche Bank

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