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Traxpay at Mastercard Commercial Day 2022: Next Level Payments

Supply Chain Finance platforms like Traxpay are leading the transformation of the Trade Finance industry by connecting large corporates to banks and supporting a wide range of products. At Mastercard’s Commercial Day on June 21, Kate Pohl, Head of Banking and Corporate Sales at Traxpay, will talk about how cards can play a key role in this value proposition and explore how both buyers and suppliers can benefit by joining the ecosystem. 

Commercial Day 2022, powered by Mastercard, brings together commercial card issuers and acquirers, payment experts as well as a variety of fintechs. This is a day full of inspirational sessions with both external speakers and Mastercard executives. The discussions and presentations will focus on customer needs and market trends while showcasing how selected B2B solutions are addressing demand. In the fireside chat “What’s next in B2B Payments?”, Christine Kiefer, Co-founder of RIDE, and Kate Pohl, Head of Banking and Corporate Sales at Traxpay, will discuss how financial institutions and fintechs are developing new solutions for small and large corporates in Europe and how the pandemic has changed the B2B payment landscape. Kate Pohl will focus on solutions for key pain points for buyers and suppliers as well as highlighting how digital and embedded payments options (e.g., virtual cards) can play a key role to eliminate friction.

In a breakout-session, Kate Pohl will discuss innovation and important developments in Supply Chain Financing including multi-bank platforms, sustainable SCF and ideas for post maturity financing. She will share her view on how platforms are creating a new dynamism and transforming the trade finance industry by better connecting corporate buyers and their suppliers to banks while supporting a wide range of products and services. There will be a focus on how the different players can benefit from a seamless customer onboarding, flexible access to liquidity and instruments such as cards to support the process.

Where: Amplifier, Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25, 13355 Berlin

When: June 21

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