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Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance

Strengthen your supply chain and your working capital

Supply Chain Finance (SCF) enables corporate buyers to release liquidity into the supply chain by financing their payables to suppliers either through their own liquidity or through financing partners.

In doing so, SCF takes into account both the buyer and the supplier side creating a “win-win” situation for all parties involved. Both benefit from increased operational flexibility while at the same time greater efficiency in their “financial supply chain” (securing financial resources) as well as from an improvement in their net working capital.

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Supply Chain Finance with Traxpay

Our financing platform offers you all common supply chain finance instruments and lets you optimize your global financing of goods and services. In addition, the Traxpay financing platform connects you with your suppliers and financing partners – easily, quickly, and securely.

With Supply Chain Finance, suppliers no longer have to wait for their money until the end of the agreed payment term. Our financing solutions allow the buyer either to settle invoices fromtheir own liquidity before they are due or to use borrowed capital from financing partners to do the same. This gives suppliers the opportunity to convert individual invoices to cash, plan specific amounts needed or accelerate all open invoices. The corporate buyer can also improve its liquidity situation through extended payment terms granted to suppliers.

Traxpay’s Supply Chain Finance instruments secure liquidity and increase the resilience of the value chain. However, our financing solutions deliver additional benefits. For example, Traxpay’s SCF programs, which are usually designed for several years, strengthen the relationship between buyers and suppliers. When buyers use their often-stronger credit rating and/or liquidity situation to support their suppliers, a strong basis of trust is created. This, in turn, supports greater flexibility in contract negotiations. Longer payment terms and price concessions are just two possible outcomes.

We would be happy to discuss how you too can benefit from the advantages of Supply Chain Finance – contact us!

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