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The payments Hub: Enterprise FinTech Explained

Mit Dr. Marco Hinz, COO crosslend

Podcast “Supply Chain Finance”

About the hot topics #SupplyChainFinance #DynamicDiscounting #DigitalForfaiting #DigitalGuarantees #WinWinWin

Kate Pohl is this week’s guest on the “The payments Hub: Enterprise FinTech Explained” podcast by Jon Paquette. The current episode is about Supply Chain Finance (SCF). Kate Pohl, Head of Banking & Corporate Sales at Traxpay is a guest in the new TIS podcast.
Kate Pohl very much enjoyed the opportunity to be interviewed by Jon Paquette from TIS last week. It was all about Supply Chain Finance and Reverse Factoring, Dynamic Discounting, Digital Guarantees and Digital Forfaiting.

Jon and Kate talked about Supply Chain Financing, especially looking at this from the corporate treasurer’s and the finance department’s view. The idea was to really understand the possibilities of SCF both in working with banks and platforms. As Kate runs Sales for Traxpay, she discussed how a platform can be a huge benefit to corporate clients who prefer not to be locked-in to any one bank and yet want to cooperate with their key FIs. The benefit of a bank-friendly and bank-agnostic approach were discussed and why this is gaining traction with corporates in many countries. Kate explained that she felt that SCF was one of the few true triple win opportunities for Buyers, Suppliers and Banks.

If you want to find out more about SCF, the way banks and fintechs are cooperating, as well as new products & innovative instruments in in this area, then please dial in. SCF and the ability to support ESG and sustainability are also a key the subject of this session.

You can find this podcast on:

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The Host:

  • Jon Paquette, Vice President Solutions, U.S., TIS

The Interviewee:

  • Kate Pohl, Head of Banking & Corporate Sales, Traxpay

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